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Cellvation® is an innovative service that reclaims and upcycles cellulose from sewage treatment plants

Cost saving

Cellvation® brings significant cost reductions for STPs by removing and upcycling toilet paper, which otherwise, needs a costly treatment.


It allows for sewage waste to be transformed into something useful, which in turn finds various applications.


Makes the STP part of a cellulose circular economy

and contributes greatly to its corporate social responsibility.

Upcycling cellulose from toilet paper

  • Toilet paper is made from cellulose that comes from trees.

  • Approximately, 180 000 tons of toilet paper per year are flushed in the Netherlands alone.

  • Global production of toilet paper consumes around 27 000 trees daily.


When used, toilet paper becomes a waste that gets burned or dumped at a landfill. This traditional method of disposal is very costly and unsustainable.

We provide an alternative. Cellvation® is a process that can be used instead of or in conjunction with the primary treatment of a sewage treatment plant.  We remove the toilet paper and then upcycle it into a cellulose product.


Our installation at the waste water treatment plant Geestmerambacht produces up to 400 kg of cellulose per day. 

Do you manage a waste water treatment plant or are you involved in policy making? You can learn more about the cost saving that Cellvation® brings or contact us directly!

How much sewage

can we treat for you?


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