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Our vision

A clean water cycle by efficient utilization of cellulose in sewage, as part of the circular economy movement.  

Our mission

To upcycle cellulose from sewage water into a valuable resource whilst reducing carbon emissions and increasing treatment capacity.

Our values

The core values of Cellvation are forged by the urge for a more sustainable world. As such we are driven by the following principles: 



We lead through innovation and development within the water industry, in order to achieve our mission. We do today, with a view of tomorrow. Our efforts are focused on making the future of our planet sustainable. 

Enduring partnership

Cellvation invests in long-lasting partnerships with organizations that share a similar vision. For us this essential in achieving circular economy. We pursue collaboration with governmental, educational and private organizations to deliver optimal value for our stakeholders.


We prioritize accountability in all we do. Our technology is always in compliance with the latest regulations for safety and business conduct. By being accountable we build trust, reliability and a solid foundation for enduring partnerships. 

Company story

It is widely accepted that due to scarce resources and environmental concerns, the idea of circular economy is a necessary step for achieving a sustainable future. For the water industry, this means a reduction of waste and recovery of valuable components from the water treatment process. As such, Cellvation BV was established in 2018 by two industry experts - Recell Group and Cirtec BV. 

Recell Group B.V.

Mainly in charge of producing marketable cellulose in the process of Cellvation® 

Recell Group B.V. is all about achieving sustainable, cellulose-based production. By combining our skills, expertise and network we are able to create and operate circular cellulose based value chains. 

Recell group® logo_rgb_300.png

Cirtec BV

Mainly in charge of upcycling cellulose out of sewage in the process of Cellvation®.

CirTec is active in the municipal and industrial market worldwide and focuses on the treatment of wastewater, drinking and process water, biosolids, sludge and gasses. 


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Branch Office:

Nijverheidsweg 26,
1442 LD Purmerend 


Mail address

Postbus 7560,
8903 JN Leeuwarden



Tel: 0299-79 20 80

Head Office:

Agora 4,
8934 CJ Leeuwarden

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